Friday, January 29, 2010

Let the DeBunking continue ... go WWC

In case you missed it the WWC = What Works Clearing House is under NEW management.

About the time that NMAP "Foundations for Success" exposed most math research as total fiction, the Feds switched contractors at WWC.

January 2010 the WWC has a new report on the Connected Math Project materials the report tells us this stuff has no discernible effect.

Here is what happened to produce this lower rating of CMP. WWC tossed out a couple of the studies and are now down to one.

They now reject the two studies that they previously
accepted as giving evidence of effectiveness. They revised their standards to require showing equivalence of the groups at the start, and these two failed that. Some recall reading the Riordan & Royce report a few years ago and being struck that the authors made no attempt to hide that their purpose was to prove that CMP worked. Ergo start with different groups.

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Anonymous said...

Once again, pounding nails into a long overdue coffin. I hope Kwoll gets your message.